How to get free images

Where to Find Free Image Files For Your Website


Obtaining images and graphics for your website design projects can be a difficult challenge. Photos and graphics are expensive; many of us have found that to be true. If a person is familiar with larger design companies, he is also acquainted with the fact that employing a graphic designer or photographer is even more expensive that buying stock images. All of these statements being true, it is possible to find some nice images, photos and graphics for free.

Having begun a low budget project or site for a friend one will find that some decent free image files can be obtained. After some careful planning as to the theme and the mission and possible content of the website, it is time to do a careful search on the Internet to obtain the images that will be needed. This article will survey a number of valuable sites from which to collect free images as we begin to design our new website.

Now everyone will agree that it is not humanly possible to survey all of those sites. At the outset, I am working off of a couple of assumptions. I will survey sites, which reach the top two pages of Google since that is what we all do in everyday life. From a web designer’s perspective, I will add a couple of more reasons.

1. The most conscientious businesses always do the necessary chore of SEO which helps them rise higher in the standings. I will reward hard work and diligence.

2. A sort of natural selection will happen so that the best sites will naturally rise to the top.

For the course of this article, I have investigated a number of sites from the top two pages of Google which offer Free Stock Images.

The quality of the Stock Images is also very important. Does the site offer only low-resolution images or high-resolution images only? It is possible that a graphics designer will want to cut parts from different images to blend them into a truly unique image or montage.

In this case, the size of the image matters as much as the quality. One particular site that I viewed had several portraits of people with “red eye”. That was a sure turn-off. I am not a photographer but I have fixed red eye a few times and I don’t understand why someone would want to advance his/her career by submitting photos with a red eye to a Stock Image Site.

Out of the thirteen sites that I viewed from Google’s top two pages, four of them would be rated “poor” by these guidelines. It would pointless to even seek to advise one here for surely as many designers as find themselves on sites like these will leave.

A few of the Free Stock Image Sites that I surveyed brought back feelings that I had in the theater on those occasions. I don’t like sites that use popups to catch your eye. One exception, in my opinion, is those Lightbox Popups with the gray overlay of the page.

My favorite Web Development site,, uses one of these Lightbox Popups occasionally to present a product or book that I would truly be interested in. However, I found a whole class of Stock Photo site which overuses regular popups in an obnoxious way.

One site gave you a popup every time you clicked to download an image. Most of these sights have poor design features such as navigation. It is common practice to use large block ads from Dreamtime which fool the seeker into clicking. When I search for photos I want to get the free image in question and not be redirected to Dreamstime.

Everyone models himself after the winner. As I pointed out earlier, many of the smaller sites or affiliate ad sites were showing ads for Dreamstime Stock Images. They were doing this in more or less sly ways. Often it was difficult to know if you were clicking a link to an image on that site or on a link which would open up on Dreamstime. We know we have found the real thing, therefore, when everyone is emulating it.

Dreamstime has a huge number, ten million to date, of Photos and Graphics on its site and many are contributed by successful professional photographers. it has Royalty Free images for purchase and for free. There is a wide range of categories of free photos and graphics for download at Dreamstime.

The license termed Royalty Free is used for many of the images. That means that I may use it in the production of my commercial website with no strings attached after I have obtained it. I have both downloaded free images and purchased images from Dreamstime and been very happy.


written by: weezy4